My Life As A Phone Sex Operator


My secret life as a phone sex operator!

My name is Jill, I live in the UK in a secret location, why am I not revealing where I live? Well for one noone knows I’m a phone sex operator and when it comes to being good well I’m excellent at sex chat.  I offer cheap phone sex as I like to work a lot and the cheaper the calls the more my phone rings.   I work as a phone sex operator for and .  I talk dirty on the phone to men who phone
a premium rate number and then I get paid.  You will find my profile on there if you want to call me but the reason for the blog is more to tell someone and get it off my (huge) chest lol ;).   I’m also on Swingaling and Private Chat which ensures I keep busy at all times.  I find I can talk on  sex chat calls pretty much anywhere if I have my mobile with me, sometimes I talk at the gym lol.  If i’m at my parents on a Sunday having a roast then it’s a little tricky as you can imagine.




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